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The Natural Citizen – Organic Protein Powder


Uniquely simple, this plant-based Organic Protein smoothie booster contains only four whole food ingredients delivering 15 grams of vegan protein per serving along with fiber, omega fatty acids and amino acids.  Plus, it steers clear of any added flavors and other “extras” so you can experience the taste of whole-food nutrition.

• Only 4 real food ingredients

• Organic hemp protein, brown rice protein, pea protein and sacha inchi protein

• 15 grams plant-based protein per serving

• Certified organic, vegan and gluten free

• Non-GMO and allergen free

• No added flavors or other “extras”

• Available in 21-serving pouch or 15 single serve sachets

What does it taste like?
Organic Protein offers a pleasant and slightly nutty taste that is very mellow and blends seamlessly into your smoothie. There are no added flavors or sweeteners, so you are in complete control over the flavor of your smoothie. For example, if you'd like a chocolate protein smoothie, simply add some cocoa powder and your preferred sweetener. If you want vanilla, just add a little crushed vanilla bean or vanilla extract. Organic Protein is just clean, simple whole food protein and absolutely nothing else.

Superfood benefits:

Add to green smoothies and drink as a meal replacement. You’ll stay fuller longer, and there’s not even a weird aftertaste!

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Amount per green smoothie:

1 scoop = 1 serving