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The Natural Citizen – Organic Energy Powder


Wake and shake with this plant-based Organic Energy. It's a carefully formulated blend that combines organically grown maca, quinoa, green tea and Rhodiola rosea to offer truly balanced and uniquely simple energy support. Plus, it steers clear of any added flavors and other “extras” so you can experience the real taste of whole food nutrition.

-Only 4 real food ingredients
-Organic quinoa, maca, green tea and Rhodiola rosea
-Certified organic, vegan and gluten free
-Non-GMO and allergen free
-No added flavors or other “extras”
-Contains naturally-occurring caffeine from green tea
-Available in 21-serving pouch or 15 single serve sachets

What does it taste like? Organic Energy nutritional booster is very mellow and tastes similar to quinoa with a hint of butterscotch from the maca plus a slight zing on the tongue from the green tea.


Superfood benefits:

Add to green smoothies and drink early in the day for a boost of lasting energy! The great news is that it’s nutritious and you’ll avoid a midday crash.

Support SGS:

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Amount per green smoothie:

1 scoop = 1 serving