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Ready to make your life extraordinary? We believe you are. The first step is fueling your body with wholesome goodness. You only have one body, so you better take care of it, right?

Well, our nutritional plans have you covered from sunup to sundown. You’ll be saving time cooking thanks to our prep guides, saving money shopping thanks to our shopping lists and gaining confidence as you lose weight, gain energy and finally feel in control of your health.

It’s time to fuel your passion!

Seasonal Cleanse Programs

7-Day Reset

21-Day Cleanse

7-Day Reset

21-Day Cleanse

Daily Blends App

Download Daily Blends, the top rated green smoothie recipe app that has 100+ recipes, seasonal challenges and shopping list builders.

Market Tote

Show off your love for Simple Green Smoothies and all things green with our Limited Edition Market Tote. This sturdy, 9-ounce, cotton tote is perfect for trips to the grocery store, farmer’s market or anywhere that requires more than a handful of supplies.


Let’s Eat: Dinner Made Simple

Time to get your family eating more veggies? Let’s Eat is our seasonal 4-week vegetarian meal plan that’s family-friendly and kid-approved. Enjoy weekly shopping lists + seasonal dinners 5 nights a week…for an entire month. Our summer + autumn inspired dinner menus are full of healthy, veggie-based twists on family favs like tacos, mac n’ cheese, soups and pizza…oh, delicious, delicious pizza. We’ve packed tons of plant-powered, high-nutrient foods into these recipes so you can nourish your family without a fuss and happily answer “What’s for dinner?”