I LOOOOVE helping friends blender shop! Before we dive in,  I have a little secret to share with you: Any blender will work for making green smoothies. Yep! I started with a basic blender (that was collecting dust in my cupboard) and it got the job done.

My family made our first 100+ green smoothies with this blender. Eventually it died… I literally burnt the blender (sparks, smoke and all) and I knew it was time to up our game. Since then,  I’ve gone through and tested TONS of blenders and wanted to share my favorites with you below.

To learn what I think of each blender, click on it’s picture and it’ll take you to a page where I break it all down for you. Happy blender shopping!

Jen Hansard

High Powered Blenders

The truth is, you don’t need a high-powered blender to make a green smoothie. but you will get quicker, creamier & better results with a high-powered blender.

The price goes waaaaaay up when you enter into this level of blending, but you also get what you pay for. These blenders come with rawesome warranties and truly make the whole blending experience a joy.


SAVE HUNDREDS OF $$$: Purchase a reconditioned blender from a major brand to save some money, without sacrificing quality (which I share more about when you click on each blender). Click here to see the #1 blender I recommend (and enjoy a huge savings too!)

Standard Blenders

My first year of green smoothie blending, I rawked out with the standard blender that I had.

This blender did what I needed it too— and for a really good price! Finding an affordable blender that works great and has a long life is possible! And this list is just a sampling of them. The best advice I can give when choosing a blender is to find one that lines up with your lifestyle and budget. Figure out how many people you are making smoothies for, how much power you are looking for, and how much money you can spend. So, which will it be?

Click on each blender image to learn more about it.